Customized High Precision Spiral Angular straight Bevel Gear miter gear



Our spur and helical gears are welcomed by many customers for its stable high quality and competitive price.

The producing character of Kingwork gears:

1. Gear size: the biggest diameter is 1500mm;

2. Material: Most common steel is high strength steel 20CrMnTi. Others can be steel C45, stainless steel, high strength steel, copper, aluminium, plastic, POM etc;

3. Gear module: 0.3-8 (pitch from 0.942-25.12mm, DP 3.175-85);

4. Surface: zinc (galvanized), black, chromium plating, nickel plating, quenching and tempering etc.

5. Quality: stable and high, grade 7 for without teeth grinding, grade 6 after teeth grinding, grade 5 for precise grinding.

Prices for above quality are very competitive for us.

6. Heat treatment: teeth can be hardened to HRC 55-63.

The quality character of JH gears:

1. Stable transmission and low noise;

2. Effectively avoid normal tolerance based on high precision;

3. The teeth can be ground to grade 6 and grade 5 quality;

4. The bore will be polished to smooth and high precision;

5. The price is competitive even the quality is high.


Machining center;

CNC gear hobbing machine;

CNC gear shaper;

CNC gear grinding machine;

CNC turning machine;

CNC milling machine.

Y58200 CNC large gear rack shaper,

Y58125A gear rack shaper,

England gear rack shaper

and Russia gear rack shaper.

Gleason machine

Gear types Helical gears (more and more widely used for its stable transimission);

Spur gears;

Hub gears;

Bevel gears;

Bevel spiral gears;

Gear ring; etc.

Material Steel: C45, Q235, 40Cr, 20CrMnTi, etc.

Stainless steel: 301, 201, 304, 316 etc.

Brass: H59 H68 H80 H90 etc.

Aluminium: 6082, 6061, A380 etc.

Aluminium alloy: 6061, 5083, 7050, etc.

More: PA6, PA66, POM, ABS etc.

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